Stern Roter Stern
SG Bienitz vs. RSL Zweite Herren  0:1
6.10.2019 Richard-Leisebein-Straße

A few lines about the game today:
Graham Spiers: "My dearest Ladies and Gentlemen!
I do warmly welcome ye haere at tha sports ground in Castlehousery in tha north western part of Leipzig. Today thare will be tha match in tha Leipzig County League Division Two between tha Sports Association Leipzig-Bienitz and tha amateur team of Roter Störn Leipzig. We do have a splendid sunday afternoon, it is rather warm with quaite about 11 degree and no rain at all to see so far!
My name is Graham Spiers and right with me hare in tha reporters space is our football expert for today: Dirk Havel. He was tha former coach of Dynamo Dresden II and LFV Saxony Leipzig until last season and now he attends to be tha coach of Lipsia Eutritzsch. Dirk, I am glad to have ye with mae hare today!"
Dirk H: "Sänk you Grähäm - also I found it wery nice to be today here with you to see se game."
Graham S.: "So tell mae Dirk, tha last 5 games Roter Störn couldn't be defeated - do they have a run or is it just good luck at tha right time?"
Dirk H.: "Sats possible, but I sink sey have a good idea to play se ball - and if you have a good idea sen se luck will come to you automatikallie."
Graham S.: "Very well said Dirk. But also Bienitz had quaite a good start in to tha season, with 9 point so far. Ain't too bad for a newbie, aye?"
Dirk H.: "Yes, you are right, Graham - and wis Klaus Havenstein - äh - stone, sey also have a coach wis wery mutch experience."
Graham S.:" Thats for sure, Dirk. And here comes tha referee so we just have tha time to take a short look on tha line-ups of boath teams. Bienitz plays an astonishing 4 - 2 - 4; thair target: hunting down their opponent team as far forward as possible; and thay just substituted one player since thair last game in the Leipzig County Cup - new in thare is Niklas Remember.
And also Roter Störn has only two players new on tha field: Bilal Farage for Benjamin Hardener, and Kristian Lovelylord for Matthias Gel; so far no millionaires of tha Roter Störn professional team on tha pitch, just Jock Tamson's bairns. And thay use to play thair classical 4 - 4 - 2, as thay like to play it usually. But now all tha 25 sportsmen have taken thair position on the field - main referee Bodo Gullible Fritz looks if everything is just fine - and hare were go!
Kick off by Roter Störn - and immediately Bienitz trys to interfere the passes of Roter Störn deep in thair side of tha pitch.
[..] Now 7 minutes have gone so far and Bienitz with a nice combination on thair left side by the Blunthouser Brothers gets tham in to tha penalty box, where a low shot could be well cleared by Roter Störn Keeper Manuel Villagelepp. So far Roter Störn does not get out easy of thair pitchside because Bienitz does a well job on intercepting thair attemps of building-up tha game.
[..] 19 minutes played and here again along on thair left side Bienitz rushes forward, Felix Dresonancew and Niklas Heyman can't stop tham - and even Villagelepp at the ground. But - what are those Beinitz guys doing? Instead of simply shoting tha ball in tha goal, thay keep passing in tha box over and over again - and a last miserable shot by Bienitz striker Max Haggard have been blocked by Störn defender Lovelylord with his ass. Oh my goodnees!
[..] 23 minutes are over and it seems as if Roter Störn does not have any concept to get tham rid of Bienitz - not enough willingness to run, and a huge gap between the midfield and the two strikers makes it difficult for tham so far. Störne-Coach Matthias Lurk looks not amused - kind of a bit peely-wally.
[..] And again Bienitz Striker Wesley Winter-is-coming almost alone in front of the Roter Störn goal but a crowd of green players somehow get tha ball blocked over and over again! It is incredible how many chances thay send to Coventry..!
[..] Nearly 40 minutes shows tha clock and a nice attack on tha left side of Roter Störn started by thair captain Matthias Cornermam goes along with a nice trick by Mo Kariv who passes over to Fayad Allwakeup - brings tham in to the left corner of tha Bienitz Box - a first shot by Martin Seal is blocked - a second low shot by Dominic Franconian misses tha goal just about a feet to tha left.
[..] And tha referee blows his whistle, halftime! What do ye say Dirk - just a matter of time untill the luck of Roter Störn will be finished and we got tha first goal for Bienitz right hare?"
Dirk H.: "Yes, some unbelievable chancens for Bienitz - I do not know how sey possiblebly could not make se goal - and no idea by Roter Stern what to do - if se second half will be se same like se first, sen we will have a first goal for Bienitz schortly, i sink".
Graham S.: "Well than, lets have all a cup of tee and we meet in 15 minutes right back hare again!
[..] Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to tha second have of Bienitz against Roter Störn. Some substitutions took place - new in tha game for Bienitz is Eric Upsideout, while on tha side of Roter Störn we have now Nelson Dehydrate fresh in.
[..] So far 10 minutes in tha second half have passend and Roter Stern seems to be much more compact - not any chance so far for Bienitz like in the first 45s.
[..] Tha Game now reveals some rather harder fouls, just another yellow card for Bienitz. And thair coching zone seems no longer to agree at all about the referrees decisions - more and louder shouts by thair couch Havenstone can't be overheard, as his face is increasingly tripping him.
[..] Next substitution at tha side of Roter Störn in tha 59th minute - as tha new attacker is now Merlin Oz Märker.

[..] And a speedy combination along tha left side of Roter Störn. Dorian Chancellor Brüning shifts tha game from tha right to tha left by passing a nice ball to Nelson Dehydrate. Tha same gets down tha line, back pass to Oz Märker in tha box at tha left corner. He is doing some nice tricky stuff - and, goooooaaal! Away ye go but exactly after an hour a unbelieveable turn of events just got Roter Störn in tha lead!
[..] By tha way, it seems as if around tha coching zone of Roter Störn even tha young fans already start to vomit while tha game is still going allong - seems as if Defender Benjamin Hardener is not tha best idol for tha Roter Störn-youth.
[..] Bienitz now is definetely pit oot - after that first half it is not what thay expected. But thay better just caw canny! So far thay just collect more and more cards for fouls and muttering and grumbling.
[..] Uh-oh, tha fans of Bienitz rage against tha referee: Cornerman and Lovelylord both got thair hands repeatedly in tha affairs on thair left box corner - but tha new rules of this season bail tham out: no hand forbidden on 5 or 7 o'clock means no free kicks in good positions for Bienitz.
[..] Time is running out for Bienitz. And Roter Störn coach Lurk gets himself into tha game - but still 7 minutes to go.
[..] Now the longline passes by Roter Störn cut Bienitz in half: only in tha end all tha nice passes in to tha center by Seal and Dehydrate can't be successfully completed by tha Roter Störn attackers.
[..] 3 minutes are left, showed tha referee just a shot while ago. And a last free kick for Bienitz on the left side of tha box. Even thair keeper Patrick Bellringer now at tha penalty point. A hard kick into tha center. A half successfull defence by Roter Störn right in to tha feets of Bienitz youngster Oscar Judge, now a volley shot under tha crossbar..? Nope, he can't controll tha ball.
[..] And thats it! Time is over. A dreich day for Bienitz: Roter Störn Leipzig takes tha three point with tham home - and this with a clean sheet and no yellow cards at all. Nice work, or what do ye say, Dirk?"
Dirk H.: "What? Oh, sorry, I just was watching se replay of Chemie vs. Lok. Äh - what was you saying?"
Graham S.: "Never mind Dirk. We are finished hare, Ladies and Gentleman. Just a last hint: On wednesday ye all have to see the 2019 Rugby World Cup game of Scottland against Russia - thats tha real sport, I'd say.
Have a nice week; good night and good luck!" / Datenschutz/Impressum/Kontakt